Saturday, January 8

High Tea

High Tea, G Style
Since Wednesday, G has been completely focused on the idea of a tea party. She made invitations and wanted to go pick out special food to serve at her party. I had no clue where this idea came from, especially since she has never been to a tea party or expressed interest in having one before.

After two days, I finally had time to help her throw her tea party. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and where she wanted to have it. Apparently, G wanted a picnic tea party on the driveway with lots of plates and food for her friends.(Insert lightbulb moment here) Wednesday afternoon while the moms were all watching the little ones play outside, we all ended up in our driveway. As the sun faded, I got chilled and made hot tea for everyone. I guess G saw all of this and wanted to do the same.

Without further adieu....G's party!
Some of her friends gathered for tea. 
They feasted on cookies, marshmallows, Mike n Ikes and Peach Rings. That's some stylin' food!
She served everyone once they told her what they wanted to eat.
Alli, Corbyn and G
A little proud of herself
C enjoying the fruits of her labor
I'm pretty sure it is acceptable to wear a crushed velvet dress and lay down at tea.

Wednesday, January 5

Christmas Re-Cap

Christmas has come and gone in our house. The little people had a great time and it gets more magical each year watching them open gifts. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

G with her sassy tree
C's tree in his room
Can we come down yet???
The big tree and all of their loot
Checking out what Santa left

Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

Wednesday, December 22

Meeting Santa

Naughty or nice?

Christmas Program

Here are some excerpts from C&G's Christmas Program.If you are expecting traditional Christmas songs, don't look here. We did a "California" version of Christmas.

Monday, November 29

Turkey Trot 2010

Before eating some yummy Thanksgiving lunch with our friends, C&G ran their first race! 1/4 mile and it was hysterical!

Comments from the big day:
G: "Mommy, I liked the beginning and the end of this race. Not the middle."
C: "That was hard work!"
G: "Now we have to eat healthy foods and drink lots of water!"

Monday, November 15

Halloween-The End!

Fueling up for the big candy haul...

Comment of the holiday: "Mommy, I know you have been going through our goody bags and taking candy. That's okay though because I like to share."

Halloween Part III

Neighborhood Fall Festival! Our street collaborated and hosted a fall festival for the 28 (yes, you read that correctly...28!) kids on the street. We had five stations with activities and fun. I think it was a hit!

Wednesday, October 27

Halloween Part 2

Apparently, pumpkin patch visits aren't enough to celebrate the holiday season. So, today we visited a pumpkin playground to kill some time. We killed a lot of time :) But we had fun in the process.

Tuesday, October 26

Halloween Part 1

We took the little people to the pumpkin patch last weekend. It was a great day! Here are some of our favorite highlights:

On the hayride with Dad:

And with Mom:
As G called it, here is the "pumpkin snowman":
Which one can we get??
Cutest pumpkin in the patch:
And one more with the Marine scare crow: