Friday, January 11

It's Christmas...again!

Here are some Christmas Eve pics. Yes, Connor and Grayson are in the same outfits. We had to get some use out of those holiday clothes!

We had dinner with my friend Kylie and her family. After dinner, we loaded the kids (our two and her two year old) and headed to the Christmas Eve service and children's' program at Kylie's Church. What a mistake that was! We had front row seats, apparently so the kids could "see". I think it was really so Grayson could participate.

As the organist finished the first song, Grayson clapped rather loudly and shared her approval with the congregation with a resounding "yeah!". The old Church with wood walls didn't do much to stifle her noise. Her interruption was met with quite a bit of laughter from the crowd. Great...adding fuel to her fire. She continued to approve of each song, the rest of her time in the service.

Her time? Yes you are probably wondering what that means. She couldn't stay the entire service, because she began to greet each child who was part of the living nativity. As the all took their places (about 3 feet from Grayson), she waved and said "hi" to each one. Then Baby Jesus arrived. Great. I mean, I am glad He was born and all, but Grayson was REALLY glad He was there. "Baby! Baby! Ba-bee!". Over and over and over. We probably could have stopped her, but Neal was doubled over laughing and I was trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

As soon as the living nativity was over, Grayson's show was too. Neal quickly exited with her, all the way up the main aisle. Why do old Churches only have one center aisle? Come one, didn't they have a plan for loud baby escapes?

Never fear, before she left the sanctuary, Grayson made sure to tell her audience "Buh bye!". I swear those parishioners haven't laughed that hard since.

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Sharon said...

Sounds like you all had a grweat time at the service, and I bet people will talk (in a good way) for years!! Or at leat till NEXT Christmas, lol!!