Tuesday, March 4

C&G's Antics

Each day with Connor and Grayson brings some sort of craziness. Just when I think I have them figured out, they surprise me again! Lately, the little sentences they have concocted are the sources of my chuckles. Nothing like being told "ice, no-no, juice" which roughly translates to "I want ice, not juice!". The words aren't so bad, it is the looks that accompany those words...now those are priceless expressions!

I thought I'd post some quick stories regarding our budding personalities. Let's call the first one: More Mouths To Feed.

Connor and Grayson received a Valentines box from Aunt Leanne and Aunt Leisa. Boy was it full of goodies for all of us! Connor (aka Larry the Librarian) was most excited about the books and stuffed animals! He quickly "read" through Horton Hears A Who and Hop on Pop before snack time. He wanted to take the books and animals to snack, but we eat alone in this house. However, he continued to chant "booook, snaaack, boook, snaaack". Finally, I had enough and took him out of his seat. That little bug wanted his new friends to have snack. So...there they sat, eating snack with Connor!

We'll call the next chapter: Hah! I win...

Connor and Grayson have a blast "helping" me unload groceries from the commissary. In fact, they almost demand it! Grayson gets a little distracted at times, but Connor is a pantry stocking machine! Last week, Grayson decided to play in the brown bags while Connor worked with Mom. After climbing in and out of the bag a few times, she was bored. In typical Grayson style, she decided to make things more interesting! She put the bag on her head and walked right into the corner trim in the kitchen. I laughed, she grunted. She took that bag off, looked around, and tried again. Sure enough, she slammed right back into that trim. She repeated her look of disgust and tried again! You'd think she would move on, but nope...not Grayson. This time, she hit that trim HARD. I just knew there would be tears. Off came that bag and out came her pointer finger. "No -no! Beep, beep!" she told that wall. Then, she ripped a hole in the bag. She put that bag on her head, looked out of her new eye hole, and went on about her afternoon with the bag on her head.


Rita said...

I love a girl that is not easily discouraged! You go, Grayson!
p.s. Is the beep-beep bad words which have been censured?

simpsontwins said...

I guess I should clarify...beep-beep in our house means "move". This is how we tell others to get out of our way. Thank goodness we don't have to censor Grayson yet!