Tuesday, May 13

Air Show 2008

We are the coolest parents EVER! We took the kids to the air show at New River a few weekends ago. It was a HIT! They had a blast climbing on the aircraft and really enjoyed the flyovers. The earplugs courtesy of the USMC helped lots! Here are a few pics and more can be found at the link provided.

PS...For those of you who don't know, Connor is enamored with anything that flies. He loves to search for "hellacopers" and "HAIRplanes" while we are outside. He often spots them long before I do!

See more pics here .


Erica & Colin said...

How fun! You guys definitely are the coolest parents ever!

I have been thinking about you guys... I can't believe the little people are 2 years old!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day this weekend too!

And, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers!

Natalie said...

wow!! You are so cool! I would not want to take my kids to the air show. I went to many times growing up an Air Force Brat. Now I really do not like them.