Sunday, January 18

More Christmas Pics

More Christmas Pics! I really had every intention of posting more this week, but the week just disappeared. For those of you who don't know, I started a part-time job teaching at the local community college last year. I teach on a contract basis; when they have classes, I teach. Otherwise, I don't. Well, this week we had a new contract start and there are TONS of classes to teach. I taught 35 hours this week, which is a lot for me in one week! I know most of you have full time jobs (and I don't know how you do it...).
My family revolted:
Day 1: Neal rebelled.
Day 2: Grayson rebelled.
Day 3: Connor rebelled.
Day 5: Reagan rebelled.
Day 6: My left eye rebelled. Seriously. It is leaking some sort of goo and won't let me put a contact in.
Long story short, my family and my eye are not ready for me to have a full time job! Thank goodness this mess will all be over Jan 31!
Here are some highlights from the newest album. Like the last one, the link is located in the upper right hand corner of the blog.
Highlight #1: Interior decorating, courtesy of Grayson.
You are looking down into one of the rooms of G's dollhouse. She and I spent some time placing furniture in the appropriate places to alleviate the refrigerator and the bed being side by side. This was one of the rooms that she planned herself. It is the bathroom. You can easily see the bathtub and the toilet (the pink lid is down). You may also notice the little training potty (pink potty in the lower right corner). Ok, so far I am believing this is a bathroom. What I had to get the camera to capture was the placement of the dog food bowl. Yep, that's it next to the little training potty. Before you all go thinking G is crazy, can I tell you that is EXACTLY how it is in our house. All of Reagan's dishes are in the bathroom beside the training potty. When G called this "Reagan's room" she was SO right. Little stinker!
Highlight #2: Web Cam Playmate
We put ALL of our toys to use on Christmas Day when we used the webcam on Neal's new laptop to call Pops. C&G had the best time "playing" with Pops by taking all of their toys up to the monitor and showing Pops. In this first pic, you can barely see Pops. Since the camera is built in to the laptop, the computer can sit on the floor while the kids play around it!

This one is a little clearer! Thank goodness that the webcam only transmits sound and pictures. At one point, Connor tooted right in Pops' face and then tried to say that Pops did it. I was laughing so hard I almost lost it! I think Pops was just thankful he only had to hear the flatulence!

Enjoy more pics!

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