Sunday, August 9

Hey Good Lookin'

Whatcha' got cookin?

I had two little helpers in the kitchen today! We made banana pudding to take next door later tonight. The little people helped cut ALL of the bananas and only ate the "chunks". Then, it was cookie time. I'm not sure how, but all of the nilla wafers made it into the pan minus the 6 that were snacks.

You can't have banana pudding without the pudding; but oh I wish you could! We mixed the pudding and added in the "cream". Each child received a beater to lick, which is standard operating procedure in this house. They both went to town on their beaters, which is also standard operating procedure. Connor finished first, so I helped him down off his stool and took him to wash up.

When we came around the corner, this is what we saw:

I guess one beater wasn't enough!

I'm so glad she wore an apron. Maybe next time I should add a hair net.

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