Sunday, August 9

Race Day!

The whole fam headed to Culpeper VA for Neal's triathlon last Sunday. It was a messy messy day. I think some sort of condensation fell the entire race. Yuck! This was the largest triathlon Neal has participated in. The distance was the same, but there were 700+ participants. Yikes! That means there were also 700+ participants' fans. Great! I just love crowded race sites and two curious toddlers. Oh yeah, did I mention the huge lake nearby?!? I had to have my "A" game, or I was going for a swim too and it wasn't going to be pretty.

This was the most scenic triathlon yet. I enjoyed looking at the rolling hills when I wasn't looking at the back of my children's heads. Neal didn't much like the hills. They made for a hard running and biking course. We saw Neal after his swim and we saw him get on the bike. After we hunted down every dog at the race for a friendly pat, we found some seats along the bike course for our breakfast picnic.

Then we put on our "noculars" to look for daddy on the trail. I picked this hill because I just had a feeling he would be moving slow enough for us to see! There's Daddy...two bikers back from the car in the darker yellow jersey. Isn't he a cute little speck?

12 green shirts, 4 blue bikes, 2 purple bikes and two men with no shirts later (yes, we counted all of these as the bikers returned from the course...), we moved over to the transition area to see Daddy come in from the bike course and get ready to run. I think you'll be able to tell which one is Neal in this pic. The speck is a little bigger:

Ok, off he goes. Now we have approximately 3 miles to take a quick potty break and make it back to the finish line. Since I don't do gray potties (porta potties, but the little people only identify them by color), we headed to the trusty car potty. Gotta love that contraption! WE had to hurry back with our umbrellas to catch our "runner dude". Don't you just love little people-ese? Here's Neal on his way to the finish line.
YEAH Daddy! He finished!

G's first question was, "Do you think you could get me some ice outta that bin when you get some water?". And C wanted to know, " Are we gonna eat lunch at a 'restrant' ?".
So much for high fives and "good jobs"!

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Natalie said...

Wow, Congrats Neal. Steve has always wanted to do a race.