Sunday, September 27

N-A-V-Y Goooo Navy!

When you don't live near your alma mater, it is fun to go support other college football teams. Of course I can say that now because we don't live in Austin or Lubbock. I don't think I'd support the local team if we lived there. Then again, what's the need when you are already that close to good ol' Aggieland! I digress....

We ventured to Annapolis on Saturday for the Navy vs Western Kentucky football game. It was C&G's first real college football game. I think it was a hit! We started the day off with a tailgate about a block from the stadium. They loved having a "football picnic" and Neal and I enjoyed looking at some of the professional tailgaters. They thought of everything, including a tablecloth and wine! That made our hotdogs look a little piddly next to that gourmet spread. I'll let you be the judge on how it went over with C&G:

The pros befriended the little people and shared cake. After our tailgate, we headed over to Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. There was tons to do while we waited for the game to start. We only had about 2 hours to kill before kickoff (hey, I am related to Randy Malazzo...he would've expected at least 2.5 hours). Luckily, we found some entertainment for the little people:

Here she is asking if it is okay to climb on the slide:

One hour before kickoff, the Midshipmen have a "March On". We were expecting a corps style march-in. Umm, no. Instead, the midshipmen saunter into the stadium while people throw stuff at them. If they catch it, they can keep it. Most throw candy, but some were throwing juice boxes and fruit. It was pretty comical. That would never fly in Aggieland. But hey, neither would these white uniforms.

Here we are in the stadium. It was so nice to walk down into our seats! Shortly after we got seated, the rain started. Not the pouring kind, just the annoying kind that drips.

This is the cannon that they fire for a first down. That did NOT make Connor happy.

Fear the goat. Seriously. That is a slogan.
2.5 hours in the rain was about all that we could handle. Overall, it was a GREAT day! Go Navy!

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