Wednesday, September 16

School Daze

School days, school days...thank goodness you're here!

Connor and Grayson started pre-school this week. We were all ready for the excitement and entertainment provided by someone other than Mommy. They are in a class of 11 and they go 3 days a week. So far, so good!

Before school:
Talking to Babs before school:

Getting ready to leave:

In our classroom:

And here is G's cubby:

Which is right next to C's:

All is well so far. They get good reports everyday although they are having a hard time walking in line on the way to the lunch room. Shocking, I know. C will be really glad when they can play on the new playground. He gives me a status update each day and seems to think he can play next week. I think it will be more like a month; good thing he has no concept of time! G loves to sing the songs she is learning and is quick to tell me who cried or who got in trouble. She likes to make "beautiful" art for me too.

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Ann said...

Our twins started pre-school as well. My aunt and uncle are absolutely thrilled. They go every day from 8-12. However, Ben the 1 yr old is still at home and he is the one taking it the hardest. :-) C&G are so big. They look so much older than ours and it is only 5 months!