Monday, October 26

Fall Festival

Connor and Grayson's preschool hosted their fall festival last week. The little people were sooo excited! They talked about the 'fall festi-ball' all week. The festival was set up like stations, which pleased me to no end. Any inkling of a sense of order when there are 12 pre-schoolers involved is very appreciated by this Mommy!

Here we are at our first station: the pumpkin patch!

If you are in need of pumpkins, come to our house. We have our fair share this year!

We moved from pumpkins to the hay pile full of candy. Then, back inside for a snack.
After snack, it was time for a hayride and a craft. Then, off to see the animals.

There are lots more shots of fall festi-ball in the album at the top right. Hope you enjoy!

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