Saturday, December 19

20 hours and 20 inches

Yes, you read that correctly. It has snowed 20 inches in 20 hours and it is still snowing. Here's a progression of the combat saturn:



5:30 pm

The snow is level with the window sills and has come up to the porch. It is pretty, but still very cold. The kids want to play so bad, but have a hard time once they get too cold. Rubberbands seem to help keep their pants down around their boots. When we ventured out into the snow the second time, we stayed mostly on the plowed road, which also seemed to help. Check out the sledding pics in the links above. Our friend Cato (who is Norweigan) suggested the "sleds". The kids loved it!
Oh yeah, did I mention that we are using a waterproof crib pad for a snow mat in the house?

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