Saturday, February 6

Simpson Sledding

Yes, this is the third blog post of the day. This is also the third snowfall of the week. I like threes, what can I say?

These are pics from earlier in the week. Texas tries to sled. Hilarious.
I don't know much about physics, but something about the angle and the force of gravity just tells me this won't work. However, someone just had to try it... Why he started with our more reserved, less daring child, I'll never know.
Fail. Huge fail. I'd have a picture of the recycle bin on top of Connor, but I was laughing too hard at that particular moment.

She may be a sledding newbie, but this chick is resourceful. Who needs a sled when you have a coat and wind pants?

Thanks to our sweet neighbors, we borrowed a real sled. Super SnowWoman was ready!
And there she goes...she wanted absolutely NO assistance!

Although he did sled alone, this seemed to be the preferred mode of travel for Connor. Who could blame him after his first experience involved a face plant in the snow and a plastic bin trapping you underneath?

Since I was busy snapping pics, Daddy had to bring the sled back to the top of the hill. Being stationary during the sledding is a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! ;)

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Aunt DRT said...

That's a lot of snow!!!! Looks like Grayson & Connor are having fun!!