Saturday, February 6


Since we already had snowpocalypse, this storm is obviously Snowmageddon!

Welcome to our winter wonderland...

This is our front porch. Our covered front porch. Today, it is covered with about 3 inches of snow.

It started snowing yesterday at about 10AM. Of course, school was presumptively closed the evening prior, so I was eagerly anticipating the snow. It didn't start sticking until about 5pm, but once it stuck...IT STUCK! We're going on 28 hours now of straight snow. Since I have no estimating ability, I'll just tell you that it is a WHOLE lot of snow. More than this Texan ever bargained for!

This is our backyard. On a normal day, there is a differential between the porch, the yard and the garage. Today, it is all flat.

Anyone for al fresco dining??

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