Sunday, March 7

February Recap

February can be summed up in one word: cold. That is why there are no new blog posts. My fingers were too cold to type. And then there's the fact that I was trapped in my house with two toddlers (three if you subtract 27 years from Neal's age). It was fun; loads of fun. When we did have a nice day (read: when snow was not falling down and Mommy ventured out of the confines of our house), we were too busy to blog. So, here is a recap of our month.

We did spend the first 17 days of it trapped in the house. Yes, you read that right, 17 days (not that anyone was counting). Those days were broken up by the occasional outing when we braved the elements and went off base. Thank the Lord for our 4X4 vehicle. It helped us get to very important places like the grocery store and the jump house!

We had to burn off our energy somewhere! Daddy even joined us occasionally.

We also had a very important visitor, Aunt Julie! She timed her trip just perfectly between snow storms. As you can see, we had a great time. She spoiled us rotten (as always) and we hoped we made her laugh!

Valentines' Day came and went. We missed our party at school since we were still snowed in. Didn't bother us any since the teachers rescheduled the party. I guess we missed the whole concept of valentines DAY since it seems like we celebrated for about a week.
Aunt Julie brought us these special outfits. As you can see, we love them!
The other GREAT gift we received was SNOW BOOTS and SNOW SUITS. Grandpa and Nana took pity on us and decided that we needed to forgo duct tape and plastic gloves. We love the real suits! It made a huge difference in our snow tolerance!

I figured I have bored you all enough with the pictures of snow so I'll keep this one brief. We did build a snow cave and we loved it. When you accumulate 55 inches of snow in 6 weeks, there is plenty of material! (do you like our snow suits?)
After the snow melted, we were able to make it to two bowling birthday parties. What fun! We love to bowl!

We also took our animals back to the Kennedy Center for the teddy bear concert series. This time, we learned about ornamentation. We had fun playing different instruments before the show.

And that's all we have to say about February!


Natalie said...

It looks like no matter what the weather your family is having a great time. Your kids are so cute and growing up so fast.

Natalie said...

Oh - Where is the jump house place? I have a friend that just moved to Quantico and needs to find something for her 2 boys to do.

Leslie said...

Looks like your February was a little chilly? LOL! Here's to a warmer March :) xoxo

(P.S. I left something for you on my blog!)