Saturday, July 24


Keeping with our prequel theme, here is a recap of the end of June. I took the little people to the county fair. It was a great time! I'm not gonna lie, I totally went for the food (oh, that was a fantastic funnel cake!). Obviously, there were plenty of other activities too!

There was a great kids area, full of rides that required TONS of tickets. Since when did 1 minute and 45 seconds of fun cost me $5? I can think of a bunch of other ways to spend $5, but the little people can't think of too many things that beat riding rides.

C: "Mom, these boats are boring. Let's move on to something better"
C: "And this is what I am talking about!"
He flies it like he knows exactly what he is doing.

This slide looked intriguing, so I let them try it. They both loved it! Yes, it was as high as it looks.
We finished our time at the rides off with the bumper boats. Talk about a hoot! The little people had no concept of bumping into someone for fun. They were a little taken aback when others were bumping them. Once they figured it out, it became a game of chase. Best ride of the day!

After many rides, it was time to head to the petting zoo and the FFA exhibits. They love animals! We also participated in the squash toss (toss a yellow squash into a bucket for a ribbon), the honey comb collecting, and the tractor rides.

You know it is a successful day when they are asleep in the car 10 minutes after I buckled them in.

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Rita said...

What a wonderful day! The little people are so lucky to have a mommy who exposes them to all kinds of fun even when Daddy isn't able to go also. I think watching kids explore and discover is the most entertaining thing in the world.