Monday, July 5

Simpson Summer

Welcome to the Simpson Summer Prequel. Hey, if it is good enough for George Lucas and Star Wars, then surely it is good enough for us. In all seriousness, I realize that it has been two months since I last posted. A lot has happened, so hold on for the ride!

In true prequel style, we'll start with the end and go to the beginning.I'll update you on our July (the memories are fresh) and then take you back through June and May (and give myself time to reconstruct those memories into something suitable for the blog. Clear as mud, right?

July 4th: According to the little people, this was "the best party for America"! They really asked for cake as we tried to explain the whole birth of a nation concept. Let's just say we aren't quite ready for history lessons. Baking lessons, count us in!

We celebrated with our neighbors in the cul de sac. HUGE deal for the Simpson team since the Simpson team doesn't play in the street on a regular basis, let alone eat there. I guess the magic of the street is the only explanation for these gestures:

Grayson's new job is obviously a bike riding pirate. If she had a parrot, she'd be set.

WARNING: Lots of ensuing chaos. There are 18 kids on the cul de sac and 22 present at the party. The patriarch of the court (Will, our 7 year old neighbor) made a train and offered rides to the rest of the kids. Poor guy had them all strung out in anything you could tie to a bike. Yes, that is C &G with their helmets still on.

They chose to ride in a wagon that was connected to the bike trailer, which was connected to the bike. Obviously, they were a little happier with their choice than their pal Molly.

Our pirate has a new matey, her pal Mickey.

Sorry, I just can't get enough of the head tilt.

Here we are getting ready to go to fireworks. Yes, those are pants and a jacket you see on G. It was nice and cool!
Once we got to fireworks, we had to wait for them to start. It was a little hard to keep the little people entertained after such a busy day. Thank goodness we had the camera!
and Pearl...G loves Pearl!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, partying in the cul-de-sac! That takes me back many years! MANY memorable times were shared with friends while living on Hazycrest in Oakwood West when our 3 were little! And, yes, there was always food and frolicking! Enjoy these days! You are making memories that you will always cherish!!!

Sabra said...

Didn't mean to be annonymous!!!