Monday, September 13

It is the MOST wonderful time of the year....

...the first day of PRESCHOOL! I swear you can hear the giant sigh of relief in the neighborhood when the kids go back to school. It is not that I am ready to say goodbye to summer, but I am ready to say goodbye to LONG days of short attention spans. This OCD mom has a little bit of a challenge playing pay-doh for only 15 minutes at a time. That is barely enough time to get it all set up and ready for play!

We did have lots of fun adventures this summer and lots of fun days. However, we are all VERY ready for fun at school!

So ready that we have NO time to take this picture. Can't we go in already???

Before we headed in to our new class, we had to check out the bunnies in the garden. Oh yeah, and the snake in the classroom. There are no picture of said snake because the zoom on my camera isn't that great. And you can bet I am not getting any closer than I have to!

Adjusting to only two days a week has been hard (probably for me the most!), but we are getting settled into a routine. Can't you tell I must have a little more freetime if I have time to blog? We still need some entertainment during the week, so we have been using our zoo passes a lot. We love the polar bear plunge!

The bird show isn't half bad either, but it is over for the summer.

Thank goodness for preschool!

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J,K&C said...

Hurray for school!!