Saturday, October 9

The Best Day

It finally came...the BEST day! As we were headed home, C told me that this was the "best day of my whole month!". Even though it was only 1 October, I took that as the ultimate preschooler compliment.

Since late August, the Simpson team has been anxiously awaiting the Miramar Air Show. We saw a movie about the Blue Angels at the Air and Space Museum and have been hooked ever since. Both kids were excited, but C was overly excited. He was quick to tell anyone that he was going to see the Blue Angels on October first. Thank you Lord that October first finally came!

The morning started off foggy/cloudy and some of the morning events were canceled. However, when the sun came through it really came through! It was HOT, but there was no way we were leaving early (much to this Mommy's chagrin).

We had reserved seats on the flight line, so we were able to see everything directly at show center. The only thing that would have been better was a permanent shade tent :)

We took a break between some of the demos to visit the static displays. Of course C&G enjoyed climbing all over the helos and planes. Highlight of the day: pushing the stroller through the C-5 while the kids thought we were in a tunnel. No kids, this is a plane. A really BIG plane!

A little pilot in training: Harrier Squadron 214 tattoo. He is READY to join today!
Finally, after a LONG day....the Blue Angels!

"Mom, they almost bumped!"
Bad picture, but the best I could get. In case you didn't know, they are fast! Kinda like the fact that snow is wet, but I digress...
Back on the ground. Our favorite because it is flown by Marines: "Flat" Albert. We learned in the movie that Fat Albert is part of the Blue Angel team. C thought it was so cool that Marines fly him, so he became the favorite.
According to C, these guys are cool too. The current #4 pilot is also a Marine. Just ask C; he'll verify. He kept the program and can tell you a little bit about each person on the Blue Angel team.

All in all, I'd say this was the best day of my whole month too!

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