Wednesday, July 9

Parents' Day

Parents' Day...what's that, you ask? Well, my lovely husband sort of underestimated his ability to plan for Mothers' Day. He just plain forgot. So, he invented this holiday: Parents' Day. We decided that we would spend our inagural parents' day at the beach. It poured rain all the way there, but was pleasantly overcast when we finally got to the beach. Nothing like planning a beach trip for weeks, only to have it rained out!

This trip was wildly more successful than the last trip. Connor loved the waves and had a blast "wimmin" with Daddy. Grayson only ran from the water a few times, and mainly enjoyed splashing in the shallow waves. She is NOT a fan of walking in the water. Neither is Connor; he runs.
Since they like the beach now, I think we'll go back soon!


Erica & Colin said...

Hi Meredith!

I'm sorry that we were never able to connect while you were in town. I've enjoyed the recent posts and updates about what you and the fam have been up to. C and G are so precious, especially in those cute bathing suits!


Anonymous said...

You guys will have to bring them back to the san diego beaches! We never get rained out here! I've got some great news!


Anonymous said...

Okay, so who are those kids with you? Wow! They are huge! They were babies just a year ago!

We so miss you all, but I finally got a moment to catch up on some photos and you all look amazing! You are Mom Of The Year -- maybe even the century! Amazing!

Peace -- Cindy (Scott, Ethan and Stuart)

rlrfamily said...

Parents it!
Glad C & G enjoyed the beach. They are too cute in their swim suits.