Monday, July 21

New Layouts

Sorry for the unannounced changes. I know a few of you don't respond to change very well!

I should admit that I am slightly addicted to blogs. In my free time (which is VERY rare), I read all sorts of random blogs. I keep up with my friends mostly, but I do the occasional blog stalking too!

Back to the point, while reading all of these blogs, I always think to myself...1) WHERE do they find the time to write all of this? and 2) HOW is their blog so much cuter than mine? I am so envious of those out there who have time to post to these adorable blogs! I looked into some blog design templates with the rationale that if you all had something cute to look at then maybe you wouldn't complain about the long periods of time in between posts! I found lots of cute templates, but let's face it folks, I am just too frugal to BUY one.

Now you may be asking yourself where I found the current blog background. I saw a similar one on Lori's blog and got inspired! Thanks always know how to inspire my creativity!

So folks, enjoy the new background and beware that they may change unexpectedly!

PS...The little people are sleeping soundly and my kitchen floor is drying. Now you see why I am blogging!

1 comment:

J,K&C said...

VERY cute :)

(And I, too, have become addicted to reading blogs. Why do I care so much about people I don't even know???)