Tuesday, August 5

My Children Will Live To See Another Day

It was close....they almost didn't make it to this week. All the credit goes to Aunt Leisa.

While Mommy and Daddy were hanging some new pictures, Connor and Grayson were appreciating some art of their own.

It wasn't quiet, which is always my first guess that mischief is occurring. Instead, we were alerted to the situation when Connor appeared in the hallway and said, "Wash hands. Daddy, wash hands!" His hands were covered in black. That wasn't the only thing covered in black marker.

RIP my beautiful khaki dupioni silk comforter. You now have black lines to accentuate your beautiful pleats. You persevered through 4 moves, 5 years and one black lab. You lost a hard fought battle to Connor and Grayson.

Yep, you guessed it: Someone colored on Mommy's bed. After some internet research and failed attempts at removing the Sharpie from the bed, I resorted to desperate measures. By the way, the whole "permanent" label on a sharpie isn't a marketing ploy.

Mommytimes3 reported on a "Hints from Heloise" blog that Rave hairspray helps with sharpie. What did I have to lose? Plus, she has one more kid than me so she must be a reliable source.

Where was I supposed to get Rave hairspray on such short notice? And then I remembered the can under the bathroom sink. Thank goodness for Aunt Leisa and her hairspray. For once, it is a blessing that you can't travel with more than 3 ounces of liquid. You can all think Leisa...Connor and Grayson will live to see another day. However, I think her address may be on the short list for overnight shipments next time this happens!

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rlrfamily said...

Thanks Leisa! Ryker wouldn't know what to do without his twin cousins.

M- Great pick for the layout. I totally enjoy reading what the kiddos are up to. Miss you guys!