Sunday, August 17

Why are there no new posts?

We've been a little busy around here. Plus, the olympics are zapping my energy because I stay up so late to watch them! Even Reagan is hooked!(Yes, this is the dog on the bed with her head on the pillow)

We went to Columbia, SC the first weekend in August to meet up with some friends. The 5 hour drive was actually okay and it was nice to get out of Jacksonville. We had a great weekend meeting and hanging out with some of Mommy's friends and their kids.

We spent most of Saturday afternoon at the Colombia Childrens' Museum. The kids had a blast! The grocery store was a huge hit, as you can see from the shopping carts.

Connor and Grayson also spent a large amount of time in the desert exhibit. They were fascinated by the sand (moon sand nonetheless) and this new friend.

We even stayed in a hotel, which was a bit of an adventure. They liked almost all of the room until it was time to go to bed. I did a lot of hiding in the bathroom or on the other side of the bed. We were supposed to have a "suite" with a seperate room for them, but it didn't happen. We did have a pull-out couch that I moved to create a barrier between the pack and plays and my bed. It didn't work like I wanted it to, but it got the job done.

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