Sunday, August 17


Grayson woke up from her nap Friday screaming bloody murder. I fully expected to see her limbs falling off when I opened the door. It sounded that bad! However, when I got to her, she was perfectly fine. Maybe just a bad dream or some hurt feelings. She continued to scream and hold her breath, so I took her into my room to check her out. Neal joined me by this time because he could hear the noise over his IPod. Trust me people, you could probably hear her in Texas!

At this point, Grayson wanted nothing to do with me. Neal was there to save her (apparently all Graysons need to be saved from Mommy). Neal let her lay down in our bed, which is a BIG no-no. He tried to convince me that she needed to lay there for a minute.

She looks pretty pitiful, doesn't she?
Well, "monkey see, monkey do...". I had to get Connor up in the bed too. Mind you, it is 3pm and my whole family is in bed. My bed. I missed my calling!

He doesn't look pitiful at all. In fact, he seems to be enjoying this!
While laughing at sweet Connor, who greeted the camera by saying "Hi Mom. How you?", I glanced over at Grayson. She seems to have gotten over what ever it was that was ailing her.

Watch out, Daddy. She might cut circulation off to that little finger if you aren't careful!


Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much it means to us to be able to access the babies' blog! It makes me laugh every time! What a marvelous thing technology is! And what a marvelous family we have!! From Alli

Miss Rita said...

Love the blog. You are doing a great job!