Thursday, September 11

Potty Economics

Did you know that 20 potty stamps equals a trip to Toys R Us?

Or, that twenty potty stamps will buy you a new toy?

Hmm...wonder if Mommy knew that 1 potty stamp would end up being worth about $2.50 when she devised this system??? Probably not, or she would have made us earn more stamps so that it took longer to earn that trip to the store!

We took our hard earned potty stamps to the store and bought some new toys. Grayson picked out a new baby on the first aisle and proceeded to drag her around the store. Aisle after aisle, all we heard was "new baby" or "wook (look), my new baby". Connor also picked out a new baby, but Daddy said to keep looking. Secretly, Daddy wanted Connor to get a new remote controlled car but Connor didn't agree.

Since Grayson made her mind up so fast, Connor tried to do the same. He just couldn't do it. Nothing was standing out except for the african american baby he picked on the first aisle. Connor didn't want a fire truck, he didn't want a tractor and he really didn't want the remote controlled car. Then, the clouds parted and the heavenly spotlight revealed the train section. I swear, we all heard the angels sing as Connor took off running toward the trains.

"Coo coo trains! Coo coo trains! Wook, trains!!!". He was estatic. There was even a train table to test drive the new locomotives. This excited him even more! So much so that he wet his pants, literally. I guess we still have work to do in the potty training arena.

After a quick change of clothes for both kids (Grayson wet herself on the way to the potty), we were back at the train section. As the little people happily played, Mommy and Daddy had a quick lesson in train economics. Apparently, Thomas Trains are in HIGH demand, which can be the only explanation for their price. Seriously? $18.00 for a painted train with a spooky face? You've got to be joking! Thomas Train makers and OPEC must have a deal worked can buy 2.5 gallons of gas OR one train engine, but not both.

Back to the real world where Mommy's reality wins, we found a beginner train set with no brand name for Connor to have. Take that, Thomas! He was beside himself with happiness. Thankfully, he showed his excitement by carrying the box through the store instead of wetting himself again.

We made it to the register and wouldn't you know, we had just enough stamps to "buy" the new toys. One at a time, they handed their stamp strip to the cashier in exchange for their toy. It was a learning experince for all of us, including the very confused Toys R Us employee. Really, she almost ruined it for us all with her really confused look and dumb question " And what do you want me to do with this?". Help a desperate potty training mom out and take the piece of paper. Act happy and pretend to be serious. I fully intend to pay you with real money. Promise.

Here we are in the parking lot with our new toys.

And at home, playing trains and babies.

We have all learned our lessons:
Little People - potty in the potty and get stamp. Stamps = new toys!
Mommy - don't offer stamps unless the little people ask for them. Stamps = lots of money!
Toys R Us employee - the Simpson family is crazy. Stamps = a new form of currency!


Leisa said...

Coming from a professional, I like the stamp system way better than the jelly beans!!! You think toys are expensive!!! I bet we could work out a family discount though!!! Love the pictures and stories.

J,K&C said...

Hahahahaha, love it!

Natalie said...

WOw new toys?! We just did candy! Now he hardly asks for the candy. He just runs out of the bathroom yelling "I POOPED". And it does not matter where we are. We could be at the store or out to eat!

Oh well, at least he is going.

** Keep a h2o bottle in the car for Conner. It works great! Dallin loves to pee in the bottle.**