Friday, September 19

Friday Fun

It’s Friday night and I’m blogging. What is even worse is that I just finished vacuuming and mopping the floors. If my life was any more exciting, I’d use a stage name like Lolita or something.

I thought I would take some time to let you all know about some funny things that have been happening around here. They are a bit random, but so am I so you shouldn’t be surprised!

Thing #1: The little people successfully spent two days at school this week in real underwear. That is HUGE! No accidents when not in my care (read: no accidents when Mommy isn’t asking us every 10 minutes if we have to potty). Huge, great news!

Thing #2: Connor has an imaginary friend. His name is PawPaw and he is an alligator. Oh yes, I have also been informed that PawPaw lives in Texas and he likes oatmeal. He doesn’t come to the breakfast table because he sleeps in the chair in the living room. Oh the budding imagination.

Thing #3: No more decoy!! For those of you who didn’t know, Connor slept with a pacifier until last week. It was time, but I wasn’t ready to let it go. We tried to separate Connor from his decoy a few times, but he successfully whined and pleaded “my decoy…my decoy….my decoy” for over an hour, so I gave in. A week later, I tried a new method of cutting the tip off of his decoy. I gave it to him at night, like normal. He doesn’t miss a beat and quickly pointed out that it was “broken”. He went to sleep that night with no problem. First thing the next morning, he pointed out again “my decoy broken”. That night, Connor told Neal that his “decoy broken” and “trash decoy”. Neal put the decoy in the trash and Connor went to sleep. The next morning, he saw the decoy in the trash and told me again that it was broken. That was the end of that…no more decoy!

Thing #4: My child has pink piggy toes. Dad and Connor went to the car store so Grayson and I painted our toenails. She sat perfectly still and even blew on her toes to help them dry. She loves them! However, she was a little concerned when she woke up the next morning and her toes were still pink.

Thing #5: Connor ate 5 scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of blueberry bread for breakfast. Seriously.

Thing #6: Grayson asked for “brown chicken, milk, ketchup and someping else” for dinner last night. In that order, very specifically, she ate her meal. Her “someping” else was yogurt.

Ok, enough random for now.


rlrfamily said...

Rhett is always saying "Ryker ate a whole banana---that's like if I were to eat a 10 lbs banana". So imagine Rhett's reaction to reading about Connor's 5 scrabbled eggs and 2 pieces of blueberry bread. He was speechless.

Elizabeth said...

PawPaw the Texas-residing alligator who sleeps in his chair in the living room sounds oddly familiar.