Monday, January 5

A Christmas Preview

Yes, I am fully aware that it is January 5th and this is the first post about Christmas. Hey, Christmas isn't over yet...Epiphany is Tuesday, so I'm doing good by some standards.

Christmas was a whirlwind! I have never been so excited to open gifts on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait, but C&G could. They were clueless. They marched downstairs, had pancakes and played like nothing was different. I even let them open stockings (and candy) before breakfast. Nothing, nada. We literally had to beg them to open things! I know I'll be eating my words this time next year!

Here are the little people at Neal's work Christmas party. This was our only exposure to Santa this year. It was a great one! They both sat on Santa's lap and asked for a toy. Wouldn't you know it...Santa gave them just what they asked for!

A tractor and a doll! I hate to admit that the tractor is buried in the bin with the rest of the tractors. However, the doll has a prominent role in society. Her name is Max and she sleeps with G every night. G informed us the other day that Max, Baby Maddie and Baby Anna were all a family. The imagination on that child slays me.

"Santa" did visit our little house. We left him snacks and juice. The LP decided that Santa wanted Chex mix and raisins. We obliged. They were quick to note on Christmas that Santa ate all of his snack and shared some with his reindeer.

When they finally did open presents, these were some of the hits. Grandpa and Nana bought G a dollhouse. Santa provided some of the furniture. It was an automatic hit! She has spent hours playing with the dollhouse and all of the stuff that fits inside. The "Loving Family" that lives there (Fisher Price name of the dollhouse collection) is perfect in many ways. First of all, there are 4 members of the family (4 shares easier than 3). The kids that live in the dollhouse are twins, 1 boy and 1 girl. Again, easy to share. They also live in a 3 story mansion with wood floors and multiple sets of furniture, but that rant is for another post!

Connor's big hit was the fire station, police car and rescue helicopter. He loves them. He has spent many hours playing with the firemen. Somehow, they venture over to the dollhouse where they are quickly turned away. At least we are creating a responsible community.

I should also note that we received 3 remote controlled cars for Christmas. G loves them, C wishes they would roll away and not return. It is hysterical to watch her figure out how to drive them while C runs to the couch or the dining room chairs. We have taught him to say, "It is just a toy" and that seems to help with his nervousness.
And now...drumroll please....the homerun gift of the 2008 Christmas season:
I bet you were thinking it was the scooters, right? Nope. They are just as happy to have knee pads as they were to have the scooters! The LP LOVE to "coot". We have been on many "coots" around the block. What a great invention! You may not be able to tell in this pic, but these scooters have 3 wheels for balance: one in front and two in back. They rarely fall over and are much easier to balance. C&G took to scooting like they had been doing it all of their lives. They are great scooters! C is a little faster than G, but I think it is just a height issue!
Ok, must go scoot now. More pics and posts to follow!

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MKLoeffler said...

aww, looks like you guys had a good Christmas.