Monday, January 5

I feel so loved! I got "tagged"

My good buddy Erica "tagged" me from her blog. So, here it goes...

8 TV Shows I Watch:

I should tell you all now that I don’t watch ANY live TV except for my daily dose of the Today Show from 7-7:30 AM. You try watching TV with the little people and then we’ll talk… I wish I could meet the man who invented DVR. I would hug his neck for sure!
(Come on, you all know that a man invented DVR. It is like a sport play reviewing booth right in your living room!)

So, the 8 shows I DVR are:
1) Brothers and Sisters
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Greys Anatomy
4) The Unit
5) The Mentalist
6) CSI (the original)
7) The Bachelor/Bachelorette
8) American Idol

Before you all go thinking that I watch too much TV, remember that it is all recorded. I can watch an hour show in 35 minutes. So, I may watch a lot of TV, but it is efficient tv watching! 8

8 Favorite Restaurants:

Oh geez! I live in a town void of culture and good food, unless you count Piggly Wiggly and any of the 6 steakhouses in town. That said, we still manage. Don’t laugh at my choices; I dine with little people.

1. Cracker Barrel – one of the LP’s favorites!
2. Chilis – Again, the LP love some “chippies” and “dip” from Chilis.
3. The Officers’ Club on base – excellent breakfast buffet! Connor begs to eat pancakes every Sunday after Church.
4. Red Robin – best burgers this side of the Mississippi! If we were back in TX, you know Koppe Bridge and Pappas Burgers would be on this list. If we were in CA, In n’ Out would smash them all!
5. Sonic – playground, grilled cheese, Dr Pepper for Mom, “bushies” (aka slushies) for the LP…what more could a girl want?
6. Yeah, that about sums up the cuisine in J-ville. No more places to go, unless you want steak at Logan’s Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Texas Steak House, Lone Star Steakhouse, or Outback. No, I’m not kidding.
7. If I were not in J-ville, I would add Panera to this list. Oh how we miss you!
8. This girl has to have her Tex Mex, so this list would be incomplete with out at least mentioning it. Chuy’s for shrimp tacos & Pappasitos for tortilla soup. Mmm!

8 Things that Happened to Me Today:
I’m a work-at-home Mom who lives with two stand up comics. My life is never dull.
1) “I not Gracie, Connor. I Grayson” Could the kid have much more spunk?
2) C: I want fruit.
Me: Okay, what kind of fruit?
C: How bout a “pum”?
G: Silly Connor, a “pum” is a finger. It not fruit.
3) I washed a pull up. It was clean (thankgoodness!) but it made a HUGE mess in the washer.
4) I finished writing a curriculum that I am teaching next week. Yeah!
5) C: I awake! I awake! But I need to rest my eyes on your pillow, Mommy.
6) We painted. Enough said.
7) I finally uploaded some Christmas pics. Stay tuned!
8) Hmm…does playing in the dollhouse count?

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1) 1 hour of peace and quiet.
2) My morning coffee.
3) Reading a good book.
4) A new year!
5) March 28, 2009!!!
6) My hubby coming home from work.
7) The end of the “ I do it” stage.
8) Taking more pics in 2009.

8 Things I Wish For:
1) 1 hour of peace and quiet.
2) The LP to stop growing.
3) To live NOW, not for what will come.
4) A massage. I know, so trivial but so rewarding!
5) Stable financial future.
6) A great little dream house, with a yard big enough for Neal to get a riding lawn mower. Secretly, I think Neal loves the fact that the little people demand to sit on all of the mowers when we visit Home Depot or Lowes.
7) Some one to clean my house, but I settle for just the toilets and floors.
8) Peace, patience and clarity.

8 People I Tag:Hah! I don’t think 8 people even follow this blog.

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Erica and Colin said...

Yeah! Thanks for playing along. I enjoyed a peek into your life. And I love all the cute stories - your LP are too funny!

Now off to watch the Bachelor... :)