Tuesday, January 20

Our first fight of the day!

Snowball fight, that is!

Yes, you are reading correctly. And no, we aren't visiting another state. It snowed about 3 inches in J-ville today!!!
Of course, like any proper southern town, all schools shut down with the mention of the s-word. In fact, we are also shut down tomorrow. The base even closed for a while today. Wow!

Connor, Grayson AND Reagan all enjoyed their first experience with snow. C liked it the most, with R coming in a close second. G wasn't a huge fan. Big surprise. It got on her pink boots and she was a little disturbed by that fact. C kept saying, "I in the snow. I in the snow!".

Daddy brought some snow inside for the little people to touch. C kept saying that snow was warm, so he was shocked when he touched it for the first time.

Here's our mid-afternoon shot:

And our 3 o'clock shot:

And the little people going out for the first time tonight:


Erica and Colin said...

How fun is that! Hope you guys are staying warm tonight.

Hugs from sunny TX!!

MKLoeffler said...

I like that your dog looks like he's peeing in the yard! haha.