Sunday, February 1

Words of Wisdom

I have been too busy to take any pics this week, so I thought I would provide you with some words of wisdom, courtesy of Connor and Grayson.

My school hours have been crazy these last three weeks, and Grayson's potty training has reflected my lack of attention to her. Out of the blue, she started having accidents again. Thank goodness we are back on track! The following convo took place on a day of two accidents:
M: Grayson, did you have an accident?
G: Nope.
M: Then why are your panties wet? Did you have an accident?
G: No, I had a on purpose.

This next convo took place in the car on the way home from school. We were listening to the radio, which happened to be broadcasting a "best in eastern North Carolina" add.
C: Mommy, the music say Norf Caro-lina!
M: It sure did, Connor. We live in North Carolina.
C: Babs live in Hoooston Texas.
M: She sure does, Connor. Who else lives in Texas?
C: Pops! He live at the football game.
M: Ok, who else lives in TX?
C: Grandpa! He live in biiiiggg Texas.
G: Aunt Julie live in Pink Texas.
In case you don't know where you live, the little people will be glad to tell you.

And finally, this is the text I got from Neal while I was in a night class last week:
G: I just bite Connor. It okay. I allllready say I sorry. Only babies bite people. And babies don't get unnerwear eiber. (that's underwear either for those of you who don't speak toddler-ese).

There is never a dull moment!

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Sabra's Blog..... said...

C and G are absolutely amazing little people! How do you ever keep a straight face with these two comedians around??? Can't wait to see all of you in March.
Hugs and kisses. Spring Nana