Thursday, February 12

Mistaken Identity

We have a new game in our house: Mistaken Identity! Here is how it all works...

C: I "Gayson Paige" now Mommy
G: and I "Conna Matsen"

Once that announcement is made, all control is lost.

The last few nights have been full of mistaken identities! After tubby time each night, the little people have decided to switch roles. They want to wear each other's towels, wear each others jammies, use each other's toothbrushes and sleep in each other's beds. It is a riot! They WILL NOT respond unless you call them by the "right" name, which is always the other one's name. Oh geez...what have we gotten into now?


rlrfamily said...

What an exciting game. I remember one time when they were still babies we had Connor become "Grayson" while Grayson stayed Grayson.

simpsontwins said... aren't supposed to remind anyone of that little escapade! :)