Wednesday, February 25

Our Pearly Whites

Today was a BIG day for teeth in the Simpson house. C&G had their first dentist appointments. I was a little say the least. Mary, my hygenist, met us in the lobby and talked to the kids about going to the dentist. She showed them where they were going to sit and where they could get a treat when they were done. Both Connor and Grayson were intrigued by the "treats" and couldn't wait to choose one. Hey, what can I say? Bribery works.

All in all, the appointments went great. We were in and out in 30 minutes! Both kids wore their sunglasses and took in a "friend" (Baby Anna and Bunny). Grayson went first and acted like she was going to sit there all day. She allowed Mary to scrape the "sugar bugs" off her teeth, polish them with pink paint and even floss. Grayson loved the water squirts and the suction tube. She asked to do that even after her turn was over. She hopped down, got a princess sticker and headed for the treat table. After she chose a pink bouncy ball and a new pink tooth brush, she was ready to watch Connor. What a surprise!

Mr. Connor hopped up next. He was a little more reluctant than Grayson. He still allowed some "sugar bug" removal, and was quick to tell Mary that sugar bugs say "bzzz". He was NOT a fan of the floss at all. In fact, we won't be trying that again for a while. Connor did pretty well with the polishing but was really just focused on getting a treat. He headed to the treat table, Scooby Doo sticker in hand, to select a treat. He came back in the room to show me. I was expecting a plastic bug, a car, or even a pencil. Oh no, not my son. He found a purple sparkly handheld mirror. He was thrilled.

Insert dentist. We told the little people that the Dentist needed to count their teeth. Connor quickly explained that he had twenty-teen teeth and hopped down. He took his mirror and was d-o-n-e. Grayson, on the other hand, was ready to perform. She hopped back in the chair and let the dentist count each and every tooth that she has. What a trip!


julieahr said...

G looks like such a starlet with her shades pushed up on her head ;)

rlrfamily said...

Way to go G & C! Wish I was close enough so that I could count their teeth.

Sabra's Blog..... said...

LOVE the story of their first trip to the dentist! They REALLY did well. I worked for my brother when I was in high school and college! Believe me, some children can't even be tied down!!! Yours were REAL troopers!!!