Friday, April 3

Beauty School Drop Outs

I know I am behind. Okay, waaaaayyyy behind.

I am still going to try to post in some sort of order. At this rate, you might get Easter pics by Halloween. Just kidding. Well, maybe only sort of.

These pics were taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I wasn't feeling great, so I was pretty chained to the couch. C&G were so sweet to entertain me while I rested. At some point, their entertainment went from toys to Mommy's hair. They had the best time "styling" my hair and using my glasses to keep their creations in place.

What a duo!

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Sabra's Blog..... said...

Somehow I just don't see much of a future for either Grayson or Connor in the hair-styling business......., unless it's for Hollywood! You look like "IT" from The Munster's or The Adam's Family - one of those OLD shows!!!