Wednesday, June 10

I have a confession to make

I lost the dealy-bopper that connects my camera to the computer. I know, highly technical term for that thing. I guess I should really call it the end-all-be-all to the blog. I've been told (thanks, Pops) that stories aren't good enough. Pictures must return.

Good news. I found the dealy-bopper. In a quest to find said dealy-bopper I also found a blue car that has been missing since last friday, a melted nestle crunch bar that some little person hid in my purse and a sweet note from my friend Leslie. Not an unsuccessful hunt by any stretch of the word.

I think I "hid" the dealy-bopper when we had a house showing. You know, the ones where they call from the driveway and want to know if you can be out of the house in 5 minutes. Umm, yeah...sure. Hey, at least they called first. No house showings lately because we RENTED THE HOUSE! We are moving two weeks from today. Yeah! Or help!

In the meantime, here are some birthday pics. Since I found the dealy-bopper, you should have more soon. At least until I lose the dealy-bopper in the move.


Ann said...

Hooray for the Dealy-Bopper. :-) Love the birthday pics. So much fun! Miss you - will you be stopping in Texas on your drive through?

J,K&C said...

Sigh...I can't believe they're already 3!