Wednesday, May 27

Words of Wisdom

Welcome back to the world of blogging. No pics to post now (camera is downstairs charging), but I will leave you with some nuggets of knowledge courtesy of the little people.

Thing #1: Jesus has a new name.

Did you know that? Well, G did. Here's the scoop from a convo after our nightly prayers:
Dad: Okay, anything else we need to tell Jesus?
Little People: Nope.
Dad: Ok, then "in Jesus name, Amen".
Little People: Amen.
G: Jesus name amen? I thought his name Jesus.

Thing #2: Growing = a bus fare

Background info: C is obsessed with school buses these days. He asks to ride any type of bus we see. Since we are leaving so early in the morning to accommodate my teaching schedule, we see the buses on their way to school. Connor always asks about when he can ride a bus, to which my answer is "when you are bigger".
We tease the little people about growing in their sleep. As we carry them down the stairs in the morning we always ask, "Did you grow in your sleep? You sure are big today!". Replay from last week:

M: Wow! Connor, you are so big this morning. Did you grow in your sleep?
C: Yes I did! I grow big and strong. Now can I ride the bus?

Last thing: Apparently, we no longer need to "water down" words.

N (to Connor as he jumps from couch to ottoman): Don't jump like that. You will fall and hurt yourself. It isn't safe.
C: Ok. Its dangerous to jump.

Yeah, we could have said it like that too....we just chose not to.

Until next time....

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