Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

We have been celebrating Halloween allllll week! We started the festivities on Thursday afternoon at our playgroup party. Here's a shot of the whole gang:

We made it to school on Friday and then Mommy and Daddy had a work party Friday night. Their costumes weren't as cute as ours! Making a reprise from last year.....Tink and Peter Pan!!

We had a neighborhood BBQ tonight before trick or treating. Then, it was off to gather candy. C&G made it pretty far through the neighborhood, but were ready to call it a night. Mainly, I think it was because they were ready to check out the treats! The night wasn't complete without a visit from the fire department and the ambulance. Who knew that emergency personnel toured base neighborhoods on halloween and passed out candy. That made C's night!

Sugar high...

Sugar crash

If you still need more, there are pics in the album labeled Halloween. Have a good night!

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