Thursday, November 12

Blame Game

So, why the lapse in posts? Blame it on H1N1. It is the root of all evil. Oversleep? No problem, blame it on the swine. Gain 5 lbs? Hey, it was H1N1’s fault. Miss a week of life? Yeah, you know the drill. Blame it on the flu. It worked for me; at least for a little while!

The little people did contract the swine flu. For those of you who eagerly (hah!) followed the progress of the pandemic flu on facebook, I’ll keep this short. For the rest of you who are just eagerly interested in the health and wellness of the little people, I’ll keep this short. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. At all.

We were very fortunate to have, in my opinion, a mild case. Three days of fever, five days in quarantine and ten days of nasty cough. Not bad in my book. Neal and I both avoided the germs. I think it is because I started using Lysol as an air freshener. Seriously, the stuff is probably in my blood stream by now. I’m shocked that we didn’t get sick since the doctor’s first piece of wisdom was to stay 6 feet away from the little people. A good thought, but completely impossible.

All is well again in our house. The little people are back at school (praise GOD!) and no one is sick. However, I think I just heard someone fall out of bed. Before I go check for broken bones, I’ll leave you with our only swine flu pics. We were trying to get a fever to break, which explains the lack of clothes. They were still having chills, which explains the “cover”.

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J,K&C said...

6 feet??!! Ha! Glad they're feeling better, and SO GLAD you and Neal avoided it!