Wednesday, November 18

The "Day" Has Arrived

All week, he kept asking, " Is it TODAY?". "What about today? Is it today?". Nonstop questions! I was so glad when I woke up today and realized it was TODAY!

It was finally "feast" day at preschool. Connor has been looking forward to this very day for the last week. When I opened his door today, the first thing out of his mouth was, "Is it today?". When I replied yes, he kicked his feet up in the air and squealed. Then, he said, "I'm kicking my feet because feast day makes me so happy". Starting a morning like that makes me wish every day was feast day!

Five preschool classes had their "feast" today. We all brought in dishes and then had lunch with the kids after a quick surprise. Connor was most excited to have lunch in the gym. Grayson was happy to be wearing her new boots. At this point, whatever brings a smile to their faces is fine with me. This morning, the kids made "feast hats" (c's words). They were proud to show them to me!
Our friend Anna jumped in the pic too.

They also had a special song for us:

They ate a good lunch and then were ready for the adventures of the afternoon. Now, I have a feeling C will ask me the same questions about Thanksgiving for the next week. "Is it today? What about TODAY?"

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