Monday, December 14

Pamper Me Pretty

Grayson finally has enough hair to cut! It has only taken 3.5 years, but it was well worth the wait. This afternoon, G had her second real haircut! We've cut her bangs, but have only cut the back once. This whole afternoon was actually the result of her calling my bluff. She has/had a terrible habit of putting her hair in her mouth. One day last week, I had enough and told her that if she put her hair in her mouth again that I would cut it off. She promptly placed her hair back in her mouth and said, "Now, can you cut it like yours?".

Off we went to the salon (aka the big girl hair place). She was initially excited and told the stylist that she wanted it short like mommy's hair.

I don't think she realized how long "short" would take.

But once she was done, she was happy with her choice!

Her loyal supporter deserved a treat for his patience, don't ya think?


Julie said...

SO cute! I love it. Good choice G!!!

I love you days said...

So fun! Glad she liked the new haircut.

Julie said...

It looks great! SO fun :)