Saturday, December 19


Snow is wet. I was reminded of that this morning. And ya'll, its COLD! I'll just enjoy the view from inside.

We did venture out twice this morning. If it would stop snowing and stop blowing, I might consider going back out there. Let's face it, I'm a wuss from Texas and so are my kids. As I type, my redneck husband is outside shoveling the patio set in flannel pants (rolled up to his calves) and mud boots. Newflash: we're from the SOUTH!!

Just to give you a frame reference, Santa is 6 feet tall.
Even after seeing the yard, the kids wanted to play in the snow. They were very surprised to see that our porch has about 4 inches of snow. Our covered porch, that is. We bundled them up to head out to play. I will fully admit that I am waaaaayyy to frugal to purchase actual snow gear. One winter in VA for two kids, puh-lease. So, I bundled kids up in layers, rain boots (nice choice), hats and gloves. When I realized that our gloves aren't water-proof, we layered kids gloves UNDER Daddy's waterproof gloves. Great initiative, horrible execution. One fall in the snow and the adult gloves were loose.
My little snow angel, who loved the snow. Her feet were frozen solid in her rain boots. No, really, frozen solid. The snow got into her boots and froze into a core around her ankles.
She didn't mind at all.

Who's up for some al fresco dining?
Neal just shoveled this table and less than 10 mins later an inch of snow has accumulated.

Our Winter Palace
I'm not complaining; I like snow. I like to look at it while I sip warm cider in dry clothes. I'm sure you'll get plenty more snow stories since we aren't headed out at all today. There are lots more pics in the shutterfly link at the top right.


Leslie said...

Oh Mer, I *love* your house! It's so... YOU :)

Heather said...

I love your house, too!! And it's so pretty in the Snowpocalypse. :)