Sunday, January 24

All About Connor

Here's a little peek into Connor's life, from his very own perspective. Both little people received digital cameras for Christmas. They are the coolest things! Kid sized, kid proof cameras that allow them to capture every day moments whenever they choose. I have really enjoyed seeing some of their thoughts. However, some of the pictures keep me guessing on what exactly they took a picture of...

Here's C's first blog post:

I guess this is best summed up as a 3yo's view of Christmas.
Next year, I'll only decorate the lower half of the tree.

As we were learning how to use our cameras, I couldn't pass up this opportunity. He thought it was so interesting that I took a picture while he took a picture.

A little self-portrait action. I think he turned the flash off.

G seems to be his second favorite subject. Unfortunately for her, he take pics at inopportune times, like during rest.

Let me formally introduce you to G's new babies.
Babs gave her some twin American Girl dolls for Christmas.
She promptly named them Abby and Ted.
Don't ask; we have no clue where those names came from.
But since this is about Connor, I'll be sure to mention that he likes to play with Ted and Abby too
and even accompanied us to the American Girl Place (much to his Dad's dismay).

This is Connor's "big brother", Colten. Connor informed me one day that since Grayson had a brother, he needed one too. Colten is our friend who lives down the street and goes to our school. Did I mention his parents are Aggies, too?!?
That officially makes him acceptable as a big brother for Connor.

Most of Connor's still shots are unfortunately, up the nose shots. We're working on a better angle because Mommy is tired of seeing more than one chin!

MUCH better self portrait. He is learning so much about pictures.

This is Babs, Connor's favorite subject.
I've spared you all from the rows and rows of shots of Babs.
Mom, you can thank me later for choosing a pic where you have on makeup!

This is Connor's tool bench. Grandpa and Nana gave this to him for Christmas.
He is having fun learning how all of his tools work.
Mommy is having fun learning what all of his tools are officially called.
Daddy has one name, Connor has another, and Mommy just calls them all the "thing-a-ma-jig".
Stay tuned for Grayson's input!


rlrlfamily said...

Great pictures Connor!

Leslie said...

Love the self-portrait!