Saturday, January 9

Kennedy Center for Kids

Tonight, we took the kids to the Kennedy Center for a kids' concert. Teddy bears were invited and our bears definitely tagged along. Before the concert, the kids were able to go to the "petting zoo" and try out some instruments. They were big fans of the violins. Although they were interested in the percussion instruments, the not-so-nice lady ran us off too quickly.

The kids did great in the theater! They had fun learning about the instruments and seeing other bears on stage. Instead of seeing the entire National Symphony Orchestra, there were four musicians on stage. Between the constant action, short performances and friends in their seats (bears), it was a FANTASTIC trip!

I can't find our pics from the last concert, so these will have to do for now. We also attended a concert before Christmas that was a big hit. C asked tonight if we were going to go to concerts every night. I guess he is a fan!


Angel said...

OMG I love this!! It looks like they had so much fun.

Tamara said...

WOW you all have so many fun adventures. Must be nice living in a place where cultural activities are abundant! one more year or so here in good ole Jacksonville....While Christopher was attending Randolf Macon their band performed at Christmas at the Kennedy Center...what a thrill...Christopher and his Tuba!
Love you all! Miss you!