Saturday, January 9

New York City

We made a quick trip to NYC the day after Christmas. It was packed! We didn't expect the crowds, but we didn't let them slow us down. Babs was with us, which was a HUGE help. For once, we could outnumber the little people! We stayed in NJ and took the train into NYC for two days. C loved the train and the train station. Daddy took the kids on a bus tour while Babs and I went to a broadway show. Then, Babs took the kids so that Neal and I could celebrate our anniversary at West Side Story. Thanks, Babs! We ventured all over NYC and saw many, many sights. The little people loved the "big, tall buildings" and all of the taxis. Babs treated G to a little shopping excursion in American Girl Place. G's new dolls are the best dressed toys I have ever seen! We enjoyed our trip and can't wait to go back!

G was pouting, but here are the rest of us in front of Macy's window displays.

While Daddy toured the city on the bus, the little people enjoyed different views of the city!
Times Square really was this busy. The little people were troopers and walked through all of this madness!
In Times Square waiting for the city lights tour.
The tree at Rockefeller Center.

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