Wednesday, July 23

Herding Cats

Taking pictures of two two-year olds is like herding cats. It is just not going to happen. Let's face it, just like cats, kids like to stray! Here is an attempt at taking some pics of our summer duds. These were originally supposed to be our birthday outfits, but they just now fit!

Connor wants to make sure you are all going to see him, so he decided to charge toward the camera. He isn't that much taller than Grayson; its just the shoes.

Getting Grayson to smile by shouting "boo" kinda backfired. That wasn't exactly the smile I was going for!


Natalie said...

Love the pictures and the Dress. You have to stop by again. t was great talking to you. Maybe the kids can play together?

Erica & Colin said...

Love the outfits, love the shoes, and love the "real" pictures. I can hardly believe how quickly your little people are growing up. You're doing an amazing job with them!