Saturday, July 26

The "New" Cure

We've all heard the old adage, "An apple a day...". In naval healthcare, we have become accustomed to "Vitamin M" (as in, motrin cures ALL marine corps related injuries).

Well, in the Simpson household the cure-all is "tip of milk".

For example, Grayson steals a toy and the world comes to an end.
C: Mine! MY turn! Mommy, pick you up....waahhhh!
Me: Are you going to make it?
C: YYessss....
Me: What will make it better?
C: Umm...tip of milk (sip of milk)

And so it goes all through the day. From minor catastrophes to major injuries, a "tip of milk" does as much good as anything else.

Now don't get me started on kissing boo-boos! I have kissed more toes than I want to remember when pride was really all that was ever injured in the first place.

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Natalie said...

So Cute! Dallin has now leard to say "kiss it better".