Sunday, September 28


For those of you who remember back to the beginning, I was never a co-sleeper. The little people slept together for at least 2 months, but they never slept with me. Between 2 and 3 months, I moved the little people to their individual cribs because Connor was crowding Grayson. That was only the beginning!

Friday afternoon at 2:22, I heard a slight scream from the little people's room. I let it muster on and get louder. At 2:30, I turned the baby monitor up to hear exactly what was said between screams. 2:37, I went upstairs to investigate. By the way, nap time runs from 1-3pm around here. I knew it was a bad sign that, with 23 minutes left of nap, there had been no sleeping.

I opened the door, let my eyes adjust, bust out laughing and went to get the camera.

Grayson was in Connor's bed. She was obviously not happy AT ALL.

He wasn't bothered at all. In fact, I detected a slight smile on his face.
Now, 3 days later, the co-sleeping continues. It yields the same results, yet they continue to experiment. I need to work on the scientific method.
This afternoon, we did the unthinkable. We removed the front of the cribs. They now have daybeds. Is it bad to say I am nervous to put them to bed?? Their room will never be the same. Heck, their mommy will never be the same!
I have always put bad days into perspective by knowing nap/bed time was always around the corner. Mommy needs a break! Trust me, these little people come from a long line of good sleepers and they rarely miss an opportunity to honor their heritage.
I did invest in some safety measures for their room this afternoon. Who says it is wrong to lock the closet and remove almost all of the books? Now, if I could only keep them out of the dresser drawers.
I'll keep you posted. Who knows...I may be blogging in the middle of the night because this little experiment backfires.
PS...the kids are jamming to "I Like The Way You Move" in the tub. Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about the beds!

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