Wednesday, October 1

Sleep Update

Well, the sleeping arrangements are trying to say the least. 2 days in a row with no naps. We prefer to get out of bed and run around or do gymnastics in the middle of the floor. Oh joy!

Nightime has been pretty smooth. They have each fallen out of bed (we have mesh rails, but they don't fit the beds correctly so we don't use them). Grayson seems to fall out more than Connor. She tells me each time I tuck her in that she "no roll over" and "no boo-boos". However, the morning I found her on the floor was quite funny:

G: I fall down.
M: Are you okay?
G: I roll over and I fall down.
M: I know. Are you okay?
G: No, I boo-boo.
M: Where does it hurt?
G: My body hurts. My body!

Oh the drama! Mind you, they only fall about 12 inches when they do roll out of bed. We aren't talking about a huge plunge.

We have a new co-sleeping problem. Her name is Reagan. The little people love it when she bunks with them. Reagan has yet to make it an entire night, but I know that day is coming. I curse the morning I find 2 kids and a dog in the same bed. Oh good grief!

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