Friday, September 19

Football Friday! Pops would be so proud! We headed over to the neighborhood high school in search of the friday night lights. We were in our seats 45 minutes before kick off! Good thing Mom brought lots of snacks to keep everyone entertained.

We "commuted" across the street (we can see the high school from the kitchen window) with our neighbors. There were 5 adults and 5 kids, which is easy to do when there are two sets of twins! Did I mention that Grayson was the only girl and that all 5 kids are under the age of 4. Pops wouldn't have liked that part of the football game!

Connor and Grayson enjoyed a picnic with Zachary while we waited for the game to start. The bench seats made great picnic tables for all of the kids. We had to stake our claim on these seats! I'm not sure what we were thinking since we were at the top of the bleachers on the opposite side from the bathrooms. Not good for potty training!

Grayson enjoyed her hotdogs, popcorn, nachos (again...what were we thinking???) and juice. We brought the hotdogs and popcorn, but Dad acquired the nachos when he took Connor to the bathroom sometime during the first quarter.

The kids only made it until halftime, but they had fun watching the band and the football players walk in at the beginning of the game. After the initial shock wore off, they only time they really watched the game was when there was a touchdown. They were big fans of the band and the lion mascot. Tamara (our neighbor) introduced Grayson to cheerleading. Oh boy...that could get interesting! If Connor wasn't eating, he was busy running up and down the stairs with the other three boys. I guess that is what football games are about at this age!

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