Thursday, October 2

2 of anything is better than 1

Two heads are better than one. Right?

Wrong! I am here to tell you that two heads got together today and locked me out of my own house! Seriously.

I went to get the mail and told the little people they couldn't go with me. First of all, Connor was naked from the waist down. Secondly, no one had shoes on. Since we live in North Carolina and all, I probably could have let the second one slide. However, the pant-less boy is more reminiscent of Arkansas so he had to stay inside.

This apparently didn't set well with the little people. When I came back from the mail box, there were two little eyes peering at me through the blinds. A squeal of excitement gave away her identity. The other pair of little eyes was missing. worries yet. I tried to open the door and it was dead bolted. Um hello...I live here!

We installed child knob covers on all exterior doors about two weeks ago. Recently, we added them to the pantry....and the inside of the little people's room. I might as well be honest here; I lock my kids out of the pantry and in their rooms. I know, I know. Keeping them OUT of the snack drawer and IN their room. What kind of parent am I?

Anyways, back to the front door. They can't open the door by turning the knob. I figured if they can't open the door then they probably can't lock the door. WRONG! Connor's little laugh gave him away as I frantically jostled the door. After about a minute (which seemed like 15 in my mind), the door lock clicked and they let me back in. Connor greeted me in the entry way with this: Hi Mommy. Welcome home!

Since I am on a roll with twos, here are a few more interesting pairs.

Yeah for eating eggs and cheese for breakfast.
Boo for eating 6 eggs total. I guess I need to invest in some chickens.

Yeah for our neighbors who gave us an extra pizza last night.
Boo for Reagan eating all but one piece while I bathed the little people.

Yeah for going to the potty 4 times in Target today.
Boo for having an accident on the way home (we live less than 5 mins from Target).

Yeah for going on a walk with me today.
Boo for not napping AT ALL, thus pushing Mommy to the breaking point of entertaining you with a walk. G fell asleep and C didn't.

Yeah for telling Mommy her necklace was "bootiful".
Boo for licking it and telling Mommy it was "yucky for my tummy".

Yeah for the fall weather!
Boo for knowing the difference between hot and cold. All the way to base today they argued over who was hot and who was cold. One wanted windows up, one wanted them down. One wanted wind, one didn't. I can control a lot, but I can't control the weather!

Yeah for falling asleep so easily tonight.
Boo that this day is over because even though it was rough at times, it was great because we spent it together.

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