Thursday, April 9

Easter Egg Info

Apparently, C&G are very into eggs this year. We have now been to two egg hunts with two more coming up. Here are some of the highlights:

Hunt #1: Great turnout, no eggs.

This was the perfect intro to a lesson in gratitude. All that patience for one egg each. Hey, one is better than none and that is what I told the little people.

Since the 0-3 age group hunted first, those older mongers (oh, I mean kids....) crashed the hunt. I have never seen such madness for eggs. I understand the pre-teen boys and even the 5 year olds. But seriously, a mother with a stroller?!? I am glad that she ran so fast with that wheeled weapon, knocking Grayson over as she stormed past us. All that work for all that candy! Whoops. Wrong hunt. Instead of the solid chocolate bunny that crazy mom thought was in the egg, Grayson got mauled over 3 tootsie rolls in a plastic egg. Next time, lady, just ask Grayson for some candy instead of running her over. She'll probably share.

Hunt #2: Hey, there's stuff IN here?

As soon as Grayson figured out there were treats in the Easter eggs, she immediately stopped hunting. She sat down and started opening eggs. Well, she got stepped on AGAIN. This time, Grayson was smart enough to head to the picnic table to open all of her eggs. Connor, on the other hand, hunted until he could hunt no more. He must have found a dozen eggs. He was fascinated that the Easter Bunny came to Mrs Karen's house (the drop in center on base). Then, when C figured out that the bunny hid the eggs on the playground, he was even more thrilled. After all the fun and treats, Connor wanted to know if the Easter Bunny slid down the slide after he hid the eggs. Oh my sweet boy, I'm sure he did!

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