Friday, April 17

Easter Highlights

Ok, here are the Easter pics I know you have all been waiting for. These three are a little teaser; the rest are linked to Shutterfly up in the right corner of the blog. Look for the Easter Sunday album and SOI Easter album.

Connor and Grayson looked beautiful for Easter Sunday. C wasn't feeling too well, so you'll be hard pressed to find a smile in any of these pics.

Later that afternoon, the Easter Bunny finally visited our house. He even brought cascarones (confetti eggs). Thanks Jeremy and Katie for those treats!

The weekend before Easter we visited Neal's work Easter party. Only in the Marine Corps can you find eggs thrown in a field among M-16s and TOW missile systems. The kids had a blast! They were very intrigued by the pony rides, "biiiig trucks", "dirt shooters" (what they thought came out of the large guns) and the main attraction: humvee rides. Mom, Connor and Grayson all piled into the humvee for a ride donning flack jackets and kevlars too!

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Jaylynn Perkins said...

They are getting so big. I finally find the paper that had your blog address on it. I saved it to favorites so me and Terry will be looking forward to more pictures being added.
Talk to you soon.